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Regulations of Gift Cards




Terms & Conditions


1. The owner of this service is:

CCS Silesia sp. z o.o.

ul. Konstytucji 61

41-905 Bytom


VAT number: PL6263013144

REGON 243373610

Bank: Santander Bank Polska S.A.

Euro bank account (IBAN): PL 59 1910 1048 2518 7225 8992 0002


2. Hereby we declare that we are taxpayer of Polish VAT and we have an european VAT number.

3. All prices published on our website are gross prices and include Polish VAT. The prices are given for informational purposes only and do not stand an offer as in article 66 §1 of Polish Civil Law.

4. Placing an order equals to your acceptance of the following regulations.

5. All orders are delivered by a messenger service. It is also allowed to pick up ordered and purchased goods in our shop personally (check an address above).

6. A customer must bear in mind that the owner of the service takes no responsibility for the effects of improper use of the offered goods. It particularly applies to damage caused by usage of smithed weapons without adequate protection and supervision.

7. Only the payments in Polish (PLN )or European (EUR) currency are accepted. All conditions are being set during order processing.

8. A contract is signed in the residence of an owner of this web page. Polish is an official language used at this web page. Any other languages are used for information purposes only.



1. The customer who places an order must be at least 18 years old and have full civil rights according to Polish law and to the law of the country of orderer.

2. Orders can be placed by e-shop formula. It is essential that you give the following informations:

a) datas of the orderer: name and surname (or the name of the company), post address, e-mail, telephone number

b) datas of the addressee (if are other than the orderer's): name and surname (or the name of the company), post address, e-mail, telephone number

We do not take responsibility if there is any mistake in the given informations.

3. VAT note is the only proof of purchasing. Should some information required in the VAT note be missing, the manufacturer bears no responsibility for it.

4. An order is being placed when a customer receives a confirmation e-mail.

5. Delivery time or date is subject to change if there are some reasons regardless of the owner of this web page. The customer will be noticed as soon as possible about the possible change.

6. The cost of delivery of ordered items is at the customer. Payment for delivery is added to the overall value of an order and must be paid by the orderer according to conditions fixed in the order processing.

7. Payment conditions (amount, date and form of payment, bank account number) are given when the order is being confirmed.

8. Owner of this service has right to refuse processing an order without any reason. A customer is going to be informed in such case.



 1. Ordering of goods that are not available online in our shop requires to fix:

  • datas of the orderer (name, surname, address, telphone)
  • all the important details of the ordered goods (e.g. measurements, weight, polishing, material to be used and so on)
  • price and payment method
  • delivery date and method
  • conditions of warranty and responsibility of the producer
  • and any other details that may be important

2. Ordering of goods that are not available online in our shop may require to pay an advance. That sum may not exceed 49% of a fixed price of an ordered goods and may be required before production of an ordered goods begins. Advance payment is not refundable even in case of cancellation of the order by the Customer during the contract and before an order was sent.



1. We give one full year guarantee to smithed blades, that covers cracks or breakages made to the blade during a fight. This guarantee does not cover:

a) blades that has any marks of making decorations by etching, engraving or other

b) chip off the blade

c) jagging or bending of the blade

d) loosing of handle as the consequence of normal use.

2. Repair time does not exceed 14 days after the day that a foulty item was delivered to us, but some cases requires 30 days repair time. In that case a customer is going to be informed about it by e-mail.

3. A customer has a right to return the ordered items without any explanation or a cause up to 14 days after receiving the ordered goods. In such case the items should be sent, unused and in perfect condition, to the customer's cost to the address that is given in §1 p.1. The money will be returned if the name, address and bank account number was provided by a customer together with the return or earlier. This money will be given back up to 7 days after the date of our reception of the returned item.

4. We do not accept returns of items damaged or with marks that were used.

5. Customer has a duty to check the package before receiving. If there are any damages please refuse to receive and demand to make a protocol which contains description of the package. Please let us know about it as soon as possible.

6. Packages sent by Cash On Delivery will be returned to the sender, unless that was agreed earlier.



1. The owner of the service is obliged to protection of personal data, according to Polish Law, especially the personal data protection bill dated 29th August 1997. In reference to this bill, the buyer agrees to use the data provided to marketing and storage purposes. The buyer has a right to access this data, correction of it and demand from the manufacturer to stop using it.

2. The owner of the service has a right to change the pricing of items at all times. Changes will not affect orders, which are being processed.

3. The Polish Law applies to all cases that remain unclear.

4. The owner of the service reserves the right to change the content of these regulations at all times.

5. All arguments shall be settled by Court in the place of the address of owner of this service.

6. It is prohibited to use any information (e.g. pictures, code, text) that appears on this web page unless agreeded by owner of this web page.

8. This service is optimized for:

  • Opera 9.8 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher
  • Firefox 3.6 or higher
  • Safari 4.0 or higher
  • Chrome 13 or higher

Owner of this service takes no responsibility for any misunderstandings caused by web browser.






Regulations of Gift Cards


Seller - CCS Silesia sp. z o. o., ul. Konstytucji 61, 41-905 Bytom, Poland, VAT UE PL-626-301-31-44, REGON: 243373610 stands as an issuer of Gift Card

Shop – internet shop at

Gift Card – voucher in the form of an alphanumeric code entitling to purchase goods in the store to a maximum amount corresponding to the nominal value of it

Client - a person which purchases Gift Card from the Shop in exchange for the transfer of funds

User – Client or user of Gift Card

I. General conditions

1. Client has a right to purchase in Shop a Gift Card for an amount of money.

2. Gift Card can be bought only in online Shop.

3. Gift Card can be used only for purchasing items from Shop and can not be refunded.

4. Gift Card can not be returned.

5. Gift Card can be used just once. Client is able to give a valid Gift Card to another User.

6. Using a Gift Card a User may pay for any item from Shop excluding Gift Card. Payment for an item made for individual order will be discussed between Shop and User.

7. User is responsible for a Gift Card that was sent to his email address. Shop takes no responsibility for using the Gift Card by a random person.

8. Shop takes no responsibility in case that Gift Card was stolen or lost by User. Gift Card may be reproduced by Shop but it is not obligatory in any meaning. Shop may refuse to regenerate a Gift Card.

9. Gift Card is valid for 12 months.

II. Rules of use

1. A Gift Card will be sent to a Client's email not later than 2 workdays after a payment is received by the Seller.

2. A Client or User has a right to pay for an order placed in Shop using a Gift Card. A Gift Card's code is to be written in a corresponding box ('Vouchers') on a page entitled 'Shopping Cart Summary'.

3. No change given when a Gift Card's value is bigger than order's total value.

4. When a total value of order is bigger than Gift Card's value a Client is obliged to pay the rest of the total value of order.

III. Returns & complaints

1. A complaint must be submitted written and delivered to Seller. All the costs of such is on User.

2. All the complaints regarding Gift Cards and its use will be answered within 30 days after receiving one by Seller.

IV. Final terms

1. A Client by purchasing a Gift Card agrees to this regulations and is obliged to obey all of them unconditionally.

2. A User agrees to this regulations and is obliged to obey all of them unconditionally.

3. Regulations of Gift Cards is published at Shop's website.

4. The Seller keeps the right to change any part of this regulations in any time and with no reason given.


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