Hand-and-a-half sword XV-XVI c.

Hand-and-a-half sword XV-XVI c.

Medieval sword made accordingly to type XX of E. Oakeshott's typology. Used in second half of 15th and first half of 16th century.

The sword has a steel-made pommel (Oakeshott's type V2) and cross-guard. Long, hand and a half handle together with excellent balance makes that sword a very fast and dangerous in a hand of nowadays knight. Forged blade, no sharp edges and full battle ready sword suitable for experienced re-enactors.

Warning! Sharp edges blade is very dangerous to be used during combat. We take no responsibility for effects of such using!

  • blade width at cross 4,5 cm
  • grip length 18 cm
  • center of balance 10 cm
  • weight 2,1 kg
  • blade length 95 cm
  • total length 122 cm

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blade polishing
polished blade 22.50 €
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blade sharpening
blunt blade  
sharpened blade 15.00 €
brown leather  
black leather  
leather made scabbard 126.00 €
wooden scabbard covered with leather 156.00 €
no scabbard  

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