Gladius - Romans' sword I-III c.

Gladius - Romans' sword I-III c.

One hand sword with full battle ready blade. Originally used by roman's legionaries from 300 B.C. to 300 A.D. and ocassionally used in that times by Central and Northern Europe tribes. Cross, pommel and grip are brass-made. Forged blade, no sharp edges and full battle ready sword suitable for re-enactors.

Warning! Sharp edges blade is very dangerous to be used during combat. We take no responsibility for effects of such using.

  • blade width at cross 4,8 cm
  • grip length 8 cm
  • center of balance 14 cm
  • weight 1,6 kg
  • blade length 70 cm
  • total length 83 cm

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brass parts
sharpened blade 12.00 €
blunt blade  

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