Jan III Sobieski's sabre 17th c.

Jan III Sobieski's sabre 17th c.

Decorative sabre design basis on 17th century pattern from the armory of polish king Jan III Sobieski.

Hilt design refers to the head of an eagle, quite short crossguard is richly decorated on both sides. Whole, as one element, has been cast in brass and then polished or patined.

Blade is made of steel, has one fuller and decorative inscriptions in latin on both sides: "Pro patria et gloria" and "Vincere aut mori". In addition, these inscriptions are completed with ornaments in the form of plant motifs. We also offer occasional decorations as ordered by the customer. More details can be found at the bottom of About products section. As an option we offer a scabbard made of stainless steel. Inside spring keeps the blade in a proper position.

The blade is not hardened so this product is not suitable for stage fighting or re-enactment combat.


  • blade width at cross 3 cm
  • weight 1,2 kg
  • blade length 78 cm
  • total length 91,5 cm

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mat, not chromed  
chromed 7.69 €
polished, not chromed 64.10 €
brass parts
steel made 423.08 €
no scabbard  

139.67 € tax incl.
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