Polish hussar sabre - late XVII c.

Polish hussar sabre - late XVII c.

Typical polish sabre that merges features of hungarian, Turkish and western europe sabres.

Brass-made half-opened hilt on the outer side has a decoration in the form of rosette. Decoration of the plant motif are on the cross including a thumb ring. Saber is made for right-handed user. A left-handed version of thumb ring (or saber without) are made only on request and we do not charge additional fees for it. Wood-made handle (grip) is covered with leather to secure a strong catch.

The blade is forged and tempered to 50 HRC and is full battle ready. It has one fuller that goes to the middle of a double-edged tip. This sabre is best for a very forceful swinging cuts made by a horse rider. Sharp edges blade is lighter than a blunt one by about 100-150 gr. Sharp edges blade is very dangerous to be used during combat. We take no responsibility for effects of such using.

Additionally you can buy a scabbard which is made of wood and covered with natural leather. The fittings are casted of brass and their shape and decoration match the handle. As a standard finishing the leather is glued and for an additional fee we can seam the leather manually.

This product (both with or without scabbard) can be successfully used as a beautiful decoration of the original interior. Normally the blade has no any decorations on it, but at the individual request we can make a commemorative inscription (eg. "In memoriam - friend for a friend"). More details can be found at the bottom of About products section.

Additional infos about hussar's sabre you may find here.


  • blade's curve 6 cm
  • blade width at cross 3,5 cm
  • grip length 10 cm
  • center of balance 15 cm
  • weight 1,25 kg
  • blade length 82 cm
  • total length 95 cm

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Product customization
blade polishing
polished 64.10 €
brass parts
leather covered wood with handmade seam 397.44 €
leather covered wood 333.33 €
no scabbard  
sharpened blade 51.28 €
blunt blade  

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