Two-hands sword 'Flamberg' XV-XVI c.

Two-hands sword 'Flamberg' XV-XVI c.

Sword with long handle that allows to catch by two hands at the same time. Were used in late middle ages by some of infantry soldiers of western Europe, sometimes also as a parade weapon of palace guard.

The cross has additional protection for hands. Ricasso allows to grab a sword in a shorter way, so it becomes a really fast and deathly cold steel. Forged blade, no sharp edges and full battle ready sword for very strong and experienced users.

  • ricasso 21 cm
  • length of cross 40 cm
  • center of percussion 80 cm
  • blade width at cross 3,5 cm
  • grip length 36 cm
  • center of balance 15 cm
  • weight 4,4 kg
  • blade length 125 cm
  • total length 172 cm

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