Mace XVII w.                  Mace Swarovski XVII w.             Mace XVI - XVIII w.

Buława XVII w.Buława Swarovski XVII w.Buzdygan XVI - XVIII w.

Szczerbiec - miecz koronacyjny królów Polski

Polish coronation sword "Szczerbiec"



Viking sword type H - X c.                                       Viking sword X c.

Viking sword type "H" - IX c.Viking sword X c.

Viking sword type E - IX c.                                       Viking sword „Hedmark” IX c. - type "K"

Viking sword type E - IX c.Viking sword „Hedmark” IX c. - type "K"

Viking sword "Dybäck" X-XI w.- type "Z"               Viking sword "Vestre" IX-X w. - typ "O"

Viking sword "Dybäck" X-XI c. - type 'Z'Viking sword „Vestre” IX-X c. - type "O"

Viking sword type "E" - IX w.                                  Viking sword X-XI w.

Viking sword type "E" - IX c.Viking sword X-XI c.




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11th c. sabre

Design basis is sabre of 11th century of Karol Wielki. Characteristic, downward bented cross and quite heavy pommel makes this product very well balanced.




Hand-and-a-half sword XV c.

Hand and a half sword made accordingly to type XVIa of E. Oakeshott's typology.






Copy of dagger dated from the turn of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Parts has been cast in brass and then polished or patined.





Scabbard fittings (mouth & shoe) with ornamentation based upon fitting (mouth) of a sword from Dybäck, Scania, south of Sweden. It is characteristic for a XI c. England, maybe it was produced there.




Medieval knight's sword from the time of the Battle of Grunwald. The model was developed based on the swords in the type XVII of Oakeshott's typology..





Sabre similar to an origin found in Goczew (Russia). Characteristic, downward bented cross and quite heavy pommel makes this product very well balanced. That is why it is fast and handy.



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