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  • Medieval one hand sword X-XI c. (2133)

    One hand sword, typical for early medieval times X-XI c. Blade made of steel with one fuller, no sharp edges, full battle ready.

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  • Medieval sword XV c. (212013)

    Medieval XV c. one hand sword with typical cross and pommel. A sword like this was found in the field of Battle of Castillon (1453), France. This type of swords were very popular in the times of late medieval.

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  • One hand sword XV c. (212010)

    One hand sword with hammered and tempered blade. This is a very good fighting sword, well balanced and weighted. Based more on combat experience than the guidance of history, although the cross and pommel are 'medieval'.

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  • Medieval sword A.D. 1250 (212008)

    One hand sword dated approximately 1250 A.D. (type Xa or XI by Oakeshott). Pommel type D and cross type 1a (Oakeshott) are steel made. Full battle ready, no sharp edges.

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  • Sword of Battle of Grunwald A.D.1410. (212007)

    Medieval sword of Battle of Grunwald A.D.1410.

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  • One hand sword XIV c. (212006)

    One hand sword with typical shape of cross and pommel. Forged blade, no sharp edges and full battle ready sword.

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