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Trade mark

We remind you that all of our forged products, full battle ready, has a sign:


This is our trademark that represents our property and any use of it by others is prohibited.
We also sell decorative blades articles that are not forged. They look very similar to the forged products but does not have the mark at the blade.


Technical parameters of blades

Our company makes the following types of blades:


are made of forged highcarbon steel, hardened to 48-52 HRC. The blades can be used for example in the battle without worrying about their impact strength. They have 2,5mm thick blunt edges so they do not split or chip off. Forged blades are offered:

  • mat - in natural mat polished steel color
  • polished - high gloss polished finishing (can also be successfully used in combat)

Blunt blades are standard. As an option it is possible to order a sharpened blade (not in every products!).


decorative (not hammered)

made of normal steel, not hardened and not suitable for combat (re-enactment or in theatres). They are offered:

  • chromed - such products are most suitable eg, for gifts or as a souvenir from Poland
  • not chrommed mat - these are products made of normal steel with mat polishing. Such products can successfully be used as a beautiful original interior design elements
  • not chrommed polished – blades made of normal steel polished to obtain a high gloss surface which looks like a mirror. They are perfect to complement the interior design of a modern office or home.


Do not overheat smithed blades!
Blade will loose its hardeness and flexibility if you do that!


Types of handles

Handles of swords (may apply also to other products) are made of wood or material. According to a type of product they may be covered with leather (or other materials).

Handles of sabres are made of wood or material. Some types of sabres have handle covered with leather and sometimes additionally lapped with filigree wire. Apart from standard made handles we offer ones made according to individual design. We can add steel or brass rings, we can make a handle out of noble wood or make a hilt in exceptional shape.


How to maintain the items

It is normal that parts of items made of steel will get rusted. This concerns non chromed blades, crosses and pommels. To avoid rust please grease the steel parts. It is good if you clean steel parts from time to time.
After using smithed blades during re-enactment fights, when the edge of blade gets too sharp, you can use a polishing stone (P100) to remove sharp parts. You can do it by hand or use e.g. electric drill.
Chromed blades do not need any special treatment – just a piece of material and some window cleaner will do.
It is normal that the wood parts of handle loose after using for a some time. In such case you need to replace it by yourself. The guarantee does not cover this. It is not a hard and complicated thing to do, so you do not have to be an old hand at swordmaking.
Brass parts will change the colour after some time and it is normal also. If you want to make it brand-new shine again, use some abrasive compound. It can be the same that you use for polishing your car.
Use a shoe-shine to clean leather parts (handles, sheaths).


Special decorations

Most of our decorative items (with chromed or non-chromed blades) has a decorations on blades that are characteristic for the product. It is possible to change that for the one ordered by a customer. If you are interested in such offer plaese let us know and send us a text (or logo) that you want to be on a blade. We will estimate the price and will answer you as soon as possible. Just remember that we are making the decorations by hands so it can be difficult for us to copy some patterns. Placing an order with special decorations the terms and conditions are fix with the customer individually. We may require some money in advance that can not exceed 49% of fixed price. That money are non refundable if you cancel an order.



We give one full year guarantee to smithed blades, that covers cracks or breakages made to the weapon during a fight. In that case please send the foulty item (all parts) to our address including a description of circumstances that took place. Please note, that such information are important for us and helps us to improve our products.

This guarantee does not cover:

  • blades that has any marks of making decorations by etching, engraving or other
  • chip off the blade
  • jagging or bending of the blade
  • loosing of handle as the consequence of normal use.

To use the warranty you should send the item (together with the receipt or VAT note) to our address. Repair time is 14 days but in some cases that may be up to 30 days. Always we discuss the repair time with the client. The cost of delivery the foulty item to us and back to the client is at the customer.

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