Viking sword "Dybäck" X-XI c. - type 'Z'

Viking sword "Dybäck" X-XI c. - type 'Z'

Viking sword made according to the original found on a bog near Dybäck (Skåne) in Sweden around 1870. Currently, it can be viewed at the Historiska Museum in Stockholm.

Type 'Z' according to Petersen's typology. The sword pommel was not found, while the upper guard and a cross are made of gold-plated silver. Certainly the sword was intended for a some nobility person, perhaps for someone of the then rulers or their immediate surroundings. Decorations in the form of interwoven snakes, birds and floral motifs are maintained in the old english style, which proves the strong contacts between vikings and Albion.

A pommel and scabbard’s shoe (not originally preserved) are decorated in the same style as the cross and upper guard. The wooden handle is covered with natural leather and additionally wrapped in filigree.

Forged and tempered blade has rounded edges to allow the use of the sword during combat (blunt blade version). Cross and pommel are made of brass and polished. Tang is covered with wooden handles and natural leather wrapped, which provides strong and secure grip. The sword is ballanced quite close to cross which makes it very fast.

Warning! Sharp edges blade is very dangerous to be used during combat. We take no responsibility for effects of such using.

As an option we also offer scabbards:
made of thick leather - decorated with embossed pattern or
made of wood and covered with leather.
Each one has a shoe (chappe) made in our foundry workshop.

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  • blade width at cross 5 cm
  • grip length 12 cm
  • center of balance 3,5 cm
  • weight 1,25 kg
  • blade length 70 cm
  • total length 91 cm

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polished blade 51.28 €
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black leather  
brown leather  
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wooden scabbard covered with leather 228.20 €
leather made scabbard 151.28 €
blunt blade  
sharpened blade 46.15 €

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